Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pieces of A Surfers Life (Surf Films)

Pieces of My Life (Surf Films), originally uploaded by roddh.
I thought this Flickr Pic. was just awesome! Surfer Films~Love it! Even though it's missing Point Break my most favorite surfering movie isn't considered "out of category". For me it was more about surfing than "Bank robbers".
The best part.... Rod has a run down of all these  "Surf Films" at his Flickr Photostream. Rod who currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts USA as a Software Developer had moved to Honolulu, Hawaii thanks to the inspiration given to him from the movie "The Endless Summer". I'm guessing he learned all about the surfers life!
This got me thinking about sitting at the local "pub" in the eighties watching surfing on the t.v.'s till wee in the morning. Great memories.. Thanks Rod :-)