Sunday, August 2, 2009

Surf by Rosana Souza


Wave played on the beach, It is the sea hugging the sand Leaving kisses spread in White foam seething. Champagne in crystal glasses Crystalline water Sal.

We love the sea the sand We love the sand the sea The South Wind viva in the air, The sand rises and is The "Dance of Front" pro sea. We love the sand the sea ,We love the sea the sand.

The strong wind That reaches the North, Do rodamoinhos of dreams. Lightweight and translucent mist evaporates .It is dancing for the sea sand, It is the sand dancing pro sea.

That will come and lovers of Wave and the rebate comes in the sand,Vai pro the sand bottom of the sea.We love the sea the sand, We love the sand the sea.

Great show, Scenario of the Creator.Moment of pure bliss.In the audience in applause my most beautiful inspiration, Assists in cabin, The moment the surf...

Rosana Souza.

from her blog Wings of Freedom

(Rosana's blog is in Portuguese)